1710 KHz: 2012 Review

As readers may already know, I tend to obsess a bit over hearing pirates on 1710 KHz.  For me, it’s a nostalgic reminder of earlier days when pirates were occasionally heard just above the MW band before the X-Band existed.  It’s been coined the phrase “pirate clear channel 1710” by another DXer.  Indeed 1710 KHz was a fairly clear channel from my vantage point but 2012 has brought some new full-time residents to the channel, for better or worse, along with the absence of another.  The Hudson County, New Jersey TIS station continues to be heard throughout the night in these parts while Radio Celestial from the Bronx continues to blast away about 25 hertz to the high side of 1710.  Both stations make reception of anything else difficult at best here during late night listening sessions.  Long-time Haitian pirate Radio Soleil Int’l. from Brockton, Mass. was not heard at all here this year.  I can only assume they have dropped off the air, or something has drastically changed with their equipment.  In Soleil’s absence, we have two new full time contenders vying for listenership on 1710: Chicago’s “W807” and religious Radio Conquista from Siler City, NC.  W807 has been logged as far away as Detroit and has been a visitor here most nights since its first known re-appearance on October 6th, 2012 (though the roots of the station go back to the 90’s).  Radio Conquista, though never heard here, also seems to get out well.  It’s been logged in Florida on more than one occasion by another 1710 DXer.  The pirate clear channel also saw some activity from Pirate Radio Boston in October – a welcome surprise!  Doctor Benway of Undercover Radio continues to pursue the channel, when the mood strikes him, and has been heard a few times this year reaching out to medium wave listeners.  Of course 1710 can’t be thought of in the Midwest without the The Big Q coming to mind, popular for its nostalgic AM radio format, airing of Chickenman episodes, and classic oldies music spun by the Midnight Man.  Unfortunately, despite loggings as recent as this week, it remains very difficult to receive unlike previous years when it could be found on 1710 very early into the morning on occasion.  Something has obviously changed with the station this year and I can only hope the Midnight Man gets the problem sorted out and will return to normal business again soon.  1710 always seems full of surprises here, adding mystery to the frequency.  On November 23rd I heard a station relaying the Argentinian FM 92.7 station “La 2×4” that may have been Argentina’s “AM 1710” – a legal station in Buenos Aires that usually relays Radio Milagros FM 94.5  Other oddities include reception of  someone testing their gear – confirming that 1710 continues to draw interest.

Happy Listening in 2013!

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