486 KHz Fessenden-Heising Commemorative Broadcast

I was tipped off to this experimental station via one of the radio lists that I subscribe to. WG2XFQ was on the air Christmas Eve to commemorate Fessenden’s first wireless transmission of speech and music on the longwave frequency of 486 KHz using Heising AM modulation. The station was on the air again New Year’s Eve with a repeat of the special broadcast. It was during this time that I received the station from my listening location in West Michigan using the Microtelecom Perseus SDR with phased BOG antennas. Using the SDR, it can be seen that the modulation favors the lower sideband, so best intelligibility was received using LSB. For more information on this unique station, please see the following links which include photos of the homebrew 1920s style MOPA transmitter:



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