80s Pirate Radio: Part 4

A few more additions to my 80s pirate archive have been uploaded:

KPLU – time/date/frequency unknown – circa 1990
Short 2 minute clip of KPLU (?) broadcasting in SSB.

Radio Free Euphoria / WREC – time/date/frequency unknown – circa 1990
30 second clip with nice ID “Broadcasting to the world, or at least some small part of it…”

WLIS – unknown date/time/frequency – circa 1990
Short sample of “We Love Interval Signals” in this clip broadcasting in SSB.

WPN – unknown date/time/frequency – circa 1989

Zeppelin Radio Worldwide – 7416 Khz – July 11th, 1987 – 0100 UTC
I had the recorder running for what turned out to be my first ever pirate catch back in 1987 that netted a classic ZRW QSL card (and business card, and paper bookmark).

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