Auroral opening

I have been using the Perseus for a few months now and thoroughly enjoy it.  The spectrum recording capability of the Perseus came into good use during an auroral opening last month.  From my Michigan location, the medium wave band was not recognizable the night of the April 7th, 2010, thanks to this event.  Signals from the South replaced those more familiar to my ears and it made for some interesting DX to say the least!  Two Perseus recordings were made of the MW band on the night of the 7th at both 8pm & 9pm EST to capture and preserve this event so that I could DX the entire band at my leisure.  Fast forward almost a month later, and I’m finally done going through the TOH recordings and can report on the signals received during that interesting night.  A total of 47 new stations were logged with Cubans all over the dial.  Two new states were logged including Florida and South Carolina, and Puerto Rico was logged for the first time.  Stations from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama were also abundant, sometimes two to a frequency.  What makes this interesting for me is that my fixed BOG antenna favors the E-W direction and I rarely receive any signals from the South with this antenna.  I can only imagine how the DX would have been if I had the antenna beaming South (unfortunately not possible at this location).  On to the logs already:

kHz    UTC    ITU    Program + Location    Details
600    0102    CUB    CMKV Radio Rebelde, Urbano Noris (ho)    Presumed, // to AM 1180
680    0207    USA    WCBM, Baltimore (MD)    Weak ID under CFTR & WCTT
680    0100    PTR    WAPA Cadena WAPA Guapa, San Juan (PR)    Slogan: Cadena WAPA Radio @ TOH
790    0101    USA    WVCD, Bamberg-Denmark (SC)    Weak ID under semi-local WSGW
820    0110    CUB    Radio Reloj, Contramaestre (sc)    Radio Reloj 819.525 offset
890    0104    CUB    CMDZ Radio Progreso, Chambas (ca)    // AM 900
900    0100    CUB    CMKB Radio Progreso, Cacocun (ho)    Clear Radio Progresso Punto ID @ TOH
930    0000    USA    WAUR, Sandwich (IL)    Slogan: Relevant Radio, ID faintly heard under semi local WBCK
950    0055    CUB    Radio Reloj, La Habana (ch)    Time pips & morse code RR heard under WNTD
960    0057    CUB    CMDJ Radio Reloj, Guantánamo (gu)    Time pips & morse code audible
980    0100    USA    WPGA, Perry (GA)    ABC News @ TOH
1020    0100    CUB    Radio Reloj, Jorobo (lt)    Faint morse code RR heard under another SS UNID
1050    0057    USA    WIQB, Conway (SC)    Slogan: ESPN Radio for the grandslam, 93.9, 93.7 & 1050 AM, The Team
1070    0101    USA    WEKT, Elkton (KY)    ID: WEKT AM 10-70 Elkton Kentucky
1080    0000    USA    WNWI, Oak Lawn (IL)    Ethnic prg
1100    0058    USA    KDRY, Alamo Heights (TX)    Religious prg
1130    0050    USA    KWKH, Shreveport (LA)    w/ LSU Baseball and local ads
1150    0101    USA    WGGH, Marion (IL)    Slogan: Southern Illinois trusted voice since 1949 w/ classic c/w mx
1170    0000    USA    KFAQ, Tulsa (OK)
1180    0102    CUB    CMBA Radio Rebelde, Villa Maria (ca)    Presumed, // to AM 600
1200    0000    USA    WRTO La Tremenda, Chicago (IL)    Spanish language programming
1250    0100    USA    WRAY, Princeton (IN)    Slogan: Newstalk 12-50, w/ AP News @ TOH
1270    0059    USA    WFUL, Fulton (KY)    w/ various show promos & ID
1270    0100    USA    KRVT, Claremore (OK)    w/ Major League Baseball
1290    0000    USA    WHKY, Hickory (NC)    w/ Performance Racing Network programming
1300    0101    USA    WNQM, Nashville (TN)    w/ Spanish ID and Spanish mx
1310    0000    USA    WDXI, Jackson (TN)    LSU Tigers baseball coverage
1320    0102    USA    KRLW, Walnut Ridge (AR)    (TENT) faint partial callsign heard and slogan Oldies 13-20 w/ oldies mx
1330    0000    USA    WEBY, Milton (FL)    Slogan: Florida’s Talk Radio
1330    0000    USA    WVHI, Evansville (IN)    w/ Insight For Living religious program
1350    0100    USA    WKCU, Corinth (MS)    w/ urban or black gospel mx, TOH clear ID
1360    0058    USA    WBLC, Lenoir City (TN)    w/ local ad for Muffler, Brakes, and More then ID
1370    0057    USA    WDXE, Lawrenceburg (TN)    Slogan: Classic Country Music
1380    0055    USA    WMJR, Winchester (KY)    Slogan: Real Life Radio, Spot for Faith & Science Catholic religious prg
1390    0000    USA    WTJS Newsradio 13-90, Jackson (TN)    Mention of Kim Komando, TJ Metro?, and legal ID @ TOH
1420    0000    USA    WVJS, Owensboro (KY)
1430    0056    USA    KZQZ, St. Louis (MO)    Slogan: All New KZQZ Cool Oldies 14-30 AM
1440    0000    USA    WZYX, Cowan (TN)    Oldies mx, Rod Stewart song
1440    0100    USA    WHDM, Mckenzie (TN)    Slogan: Your Home For The Classic Hits, faint TOH ID under WZYX
1460    0100    USA    WXBR, Brockton (MA)    (TENT) TOH ID
1470    0058    USA    WBCR, Alcoa (TN)    Presumed, with partial callsign heard and liner for
1470    0100    USA    WVOL, Berry Hill (TN)    Ubran oldies mx    Unusually good cx to the South
1540    0000    USA    WSMI, Litchfield (IL)    w/ sign-off announcement
1560    0000    USA    WMRO, Gallatin (TN)    Slogan: Today’s Best Hits, Magic 15-60
1590    0000    USA    WVNA, Tuscumbia (AL)    Slogan: Newstalk 15-90
1600    0100    USA    KRVA, Cockrell Hill (TX)    Ethnic Asian mx
1600    0101    USA    WKZK, North Augusta (SC)    w/ ID and mention of 103.7 FM

New stations heard here, April 7th ,2010

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