Bought a new radio!

I’ve been casually DXing for about a year now after being away from the hobby for a long time. Since catching the radio bug again I’ve been thinking it would be nice to upgrade to a better receiver. Though the old DX-440 has served me well I was looking for something with a few more options. I’ve been wavering between a Drake R8B (used market) and a new Perseus software defined receiver for a year now. Both cost the same and both are great receivers based on every last reference I’ve read on the net concerning both.

My decision came a few weeks ago when I pulled the trigger and ordered a Perseus from Grove Enterprises. Grove was good to deal with and I had the Perseus in hand just a few days after placing my order. While I don’t intend to write a Perseus blog now (others have filled that void nicely), it will be difficult to not discuss the receiver here in some context and share my experiences with the hardware and third party software I’m using. More to come!

5 thoughts on “Bought a new radio!

  1. Congrats on the Perseus. I bought mine used just after Easter, and have been loving every minute of it. It’s changed DXing for me permanently – my NRD-545 hasn’t been turned on once since the Perseus arrived.

    Bill Carney
    Grand Ledge, MI

  2. Hi Bill – another Michigan based Perseus fan – excellent! I love mine too. The only drawback with my Perseus is trying to find enough time to review all of my spectrum recordings!

  3. Hey there. Bill (above) directed me to your site. Do you ever fool with FM? Looks like you’re far more of an AM/MW/DXing equipment sorta person. I live in Fremont, so if you wish, feel free to check out my website, which I will hopefully totally re-do this summer to reflect, well… serious things that have to be changed and updated. I am largely unimpressed with my site, given the new info I obtained since.

  4. Hi Chris, I’ve come across your website before – very interesting research you have done. The mirages over Lake Michigan have always fascinated me. There was one reported recently in Muskegon, earlier in the year, but sadly I missed it. I don’t DX the FM band but I have always found the VHF conditions rather unusual along the lakeshore during the summer.

  5. I actually was lucky enough to have been at the beach during a large mirage that was the evening of May 28th. I have quite a few pictures of it as well!! I’m happy you’ve come across my site!

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