OBX Mini DXpedition: Day reception

Here’s a (admittedly incomplete) daytime AM bandscan from the Outer Banks of North Carolina that might interest other medium wave DXers.  We camped at the Cape Point Campground August 10th-11th, 2010.  I hauled my radio gear including a DX-440 portable / Quantum Loop combo and my Perseus SDR and an 800 foot beverage antenna.  I was able to do a little DXing between other family activities.

Here’s what I caught using the DX-440 and loop around solar noon.  It’ll take me some time to go through the spectrum recordings taken during the pre & post sunset hours.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make a complete bandscan  (or record with the Perseus) during the daylight hours for various reasons.  The best catch was Miami at around 700 miles!  Bermuda would have been nice, but I couldn’t pull in any of their stations with this setup.  This is definitely an interesting area to DX from!

DX-440 & Quantum Loop make a fine combination

August 10th, 2010 Daytime Bandscan
Location: 35:14:7.08023,-75:32:22.75188 (35.2353,-75.539653)
Cape Point Campground, Hatteras Island, NC.
Equipment: Realistic DX-440 & Quantum Loop (DC powered)

1:00-2:00pm EST (near solar noon)

530 Unid, faint audio heard, too weak to ID language

540 Unid (x2), Spanish language station mixing with another playing adult standards

550 Unid, strong religious station


570 Unid (x3), Classic country music mixing w/ religion and a third unid

580 WDBO ORLANDO, FL. [571 miles]

590 n/a

600 – WCAO BALTIMORE, MD. w/ gospel music [297 miles]
600 – WBWL JACKSONVILLE, FL. in WCAO’s null w/ Radio Disney [496 miles]

610 – WIOD MIAMI, FL. “News Radio 610” w/ Rush Limbaugh [703 miles]

620 – WDNC DURHAM, NC. (presumed) w/ local ads mentioning Raleigh, “Murray’s Tire Barn”, etc.
620 – Unid w/ Latin music

2:00-2:37pm EST

630 – Unid w/ Rush Limbaugh (most likely WMAL – Washington DC)

640 – WWJZ MOUNT HOLLY, NJ. w/ Radio Disney [357 miles]
640 – WFNC FAYETTEVILLE, NC. w/ CBS News @ TOH [191 miles]

650 – n/a

660 – WFAN NEW YORK CITY, NY. w/ strong local quality signal [400 miles)

670 – Unid, Gospel music (WYLS YORK, AL. ??)


690 – WOKV JACKSONVILLE, FL. w/ Rush Limbaugh [503 miles]

700 – n/a

710 – WOR NEW YORK CITY, NY. w/ strong local quality signal [391 miles]
710 – Unid, gospel music heard in WOR null (likely WZOO or WEGG both from NC)

720 – n/a

730 – Unid (x2), Two unid gospel music stations heard in each other’s null.

740 – WNYH HUNTINGTON, NY. (presumed) w/ ethnic Asian music and strong local quality signal [404 miles]
740 – Unid, very weak and barely audible in WNYH null.

750 – WAUG NEW HOPE, NC. (presumed) w/ local ads for businesses in the Raleigh area.
750 – Unid w/ religious hymn music (WBMD Baltimore???)

2:37-2:45pm EST

760 – Unid w/ gospel music (probably WCPS Tarboro, NC.)
760 – WEFL PALM CITY, FL. w/ ESPN [617 miles]

770 – WABC NEW YORK CITY, NY. w/ strong local quality signal
770 – Unid, weak w/ blues or gospel music in WABC null [398 miles]

780 – WCKB DUNN, NC. w/ gospel music, strong signal


800 – Unid (x2), Two religious format stations in each other’s null

810 – WYRE ANNAPOLIS, MD. w/ 80s pop music and “KHZ” “Hot Music Mix” slogans. [263 miles]

880 – WCBS NEW YORK CITY, NY w/ strong local quality signal [400 miles]

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