“The Night Watchman” heard on 1710 KHz this weekend

The activity level on 1710 from non-ethnic pirate radio stations seems to be gaining some momentum.  Undercover Radio conducted several tests last November during Thanksgiving and into the beginning of 2012 focussing on 1710 and 1720 khz.  According to Dr. Benway, these transmissions were a success based on the number of reports that came in.  Monitoring of the various medium wave DX lists would seem to confirm this as well.  One DXer heard Benway at a distance of 2,000 miles while using the 1720 khz frequency!

During the months that Undercover Radio was utilizing the top of the MW band, an old standby continued on, even causing a pile-up on 1710 at one point!  Yes, “The Big Q” continues to be heard well at this location, as recent as last night in fact, broadcasting oldies and nostalgia on 1710 during the early morning hours.  It’s hit and miss with this one, but look for them on weekends between 0700-1000 UTC.  More and more listeners are hearing “The Big Q” around the Midwestern US.  The production is top-notch and a pleasure to listen to.

Maybe a cousin to “The Big Q”, a new one was logged here early Saturday morning on 1710 going by the name of “The Midnight Watchman Radio Program”.  The station used an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice-over with slogans such as “Thank you for listening to the Night Watchman Radio Program.  We’re broadcasting from high atop the Constant Jammer Mountain Peak, with powers so big that you can see it from the orbiting space lab.”  A wide variety of music was played: Lady Gaga, Everclear, Nat King Cole, Katy Perry, and more.  Like “The Big Q”, “The Night Watchman” was equally entertaining and slickly produced.  Here’s an hour+ recording:

With the increased activity and more DXers paying attention to 1710 khz, how many other pirates will test the waters at the “tip-top of the dial”?

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