80s Pirate Radio: Part 6

More pirate history, preserved for future generations!  Here goes: KBFA – 7415 Khz – March 10th, 1990 – 0002 UTC A rough reception, but also my last off-air recording of KBFA from 1990. Radio Free Willy – 7415 Khz – October 30th, 1988 – 0121 UTC 50 minutes of RFW with political humor and music with a nice signal. The Crooked Man – 7416 Khz – October 16th, 1988 – 1947 UTC Crazy rants by the Crooked Man himself in this clip with a good selection of music to balance the program out. The Voice of Free Long Island –...

80s Pirate Radio: Part 5

A couple more additions to the 80s pirate archive have been added: Radio USA – 7475 Khz – October 30th, 1989 – 0003 UTC 12 minutes of classic Mr. Blue Sky punk music and skits in this off-air recording. The Voice of the Purple Pumpkin – 15038 Khz – October 29th, 1989 – 2143 UTC A familiar name in pirate radio history, the operator in this clip claims to be the original VOTPP during this special Halloween broadcast, about 17 minutes in length. Enjoy!