Pirate Radio

Shown below are QSL cards collected from various pirate radio broadcasters that I logged during the 1980s, and a few recent ones too.

5 thoughts on “Pirate Radio

  1. Hello,

    Is very nice QSL and French Station RFB is wunderfull.


    1. Thanks Marcel, I haven’t heard RFB in a long time.

  2. Thank for your Mail, you can see some QSL from my collection of my Web site :


    Your pirate collection is very fantastic.

    RFB was on air to december 2015.

    Kind regards

  3. John B

    I enjoyed seeing the vintage cards. I have a slightly later WYMN card and a version of the We Love Interval Signals classic.

    Great stuff!

    1. kilokat7

      John, thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the old pirate QSL’s!

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