Michigan DU’s & a new domestic logged, Aug 26

I connected up my southwest phased BOGs last night and woke up early for a little sunrise DX to gauge “Down Under” (DU) conditions, since after all, it’s that time of year again here when DU’s can make their presence known in Michigan.  Expecting nothing more than a few weak carriers to kick off the season, I was pleasantly surprised with weak audio on several channels.  These logs all revolve around local sunrise time here, which was 11:03 UTC Aug.26th, 2017, times below are UTC.

612 4QR ABC Brisbane with weak audio, easy enough to tell it’s rugby play-by-play with Aussie accents.  11:03 and now domestics have faded way down on 610 making 4QR easier to copy.  In with weak audio for a solid ten minutes or so after sunrise. Carrier hung on until about 11:20.  8,993 miles from TX to RX.

702 2BL ABC Sydney getting past heavy KHSE splatter that eventually fades down at 11:03.  Now fast paced rugby play-by-play lasting for several minutes and a bit stronger than 612. No idea if this was // to 612 as I couldn’t catch simultaneous audio peaks between channels.  Carrier still noted at 11:23.  9,345 miles from TX to RX.

738 2NR ABC North Coast in heavy splash from 730 with // 702 rugby coverage, peaking at audio at 11:03 but only lasting a couple of minutes.  9,073 miles from TX to RX.

1098 for the first time here was more than just an open carrier!  Slow relaxing music first noted around 10:45 and continued up to the top of the hour and then talk but too weak to comprehend.  Marshall Islands, I would assume?  Unfortunately I couldn’t parallel it against anything else for confirmation.  Their streaming site wasn’t working for me.  Another brief signal peak at 11:10 but then faded rapidly.  First time catching any kind of audio here on 1098.

DU carriers also noted on: 531, 549, 558, 576, 594 (strong), 603, 621, 639, 648, 693 (strong), 729, 747, 756, 828, 837, 882 (strong), 891, 1017 (strong), 1035 & 1116.

Noteworthy North Americans heard at 11:00 TOH:

560 KLZ Denver, CO.

600 KCOL Wellington, CO.

640 KFI Los Angeles, CA.

650 XETNT Los Mochis, SIN

680 KNBR San Francisco, CA.

690 KPET Lamesa, TX. – 250w @ 1,120 miles – “Real Country” –  NEW LOG!

700 KHSE Wylie, TX. (huge signal)

760 XEABC & KFMB San Diego, CA. (tent w/ Red Eye Radio, CBS network news & infomercial after 11:00 TOH)

890 KJME Fountain, CO.

1020 KCKN Roswell, NM.

1070 KNX Los Angeles, CA.

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