Shortwave beacon “BA” 6840.6 khz

It seems there is always interesting and mysterious stuff taking place in the range of frequencies from 6-7 mhz. Aside from the pirate broadcasts that took place this last weekend, I heard some other interesting things:

6953 khz USB – UTC 0200 – Conversation between two fisherman, both with heavy New England accents. The talk was about fishing, weather conditions, etc. Both were heard very well here. Very informal conversation with much colorful language, and of course no legal IDs!

6835 khz USB – UTC 0300 – Two shrimpers “Candyman” and “Bubba” conversing tonight, both strong signals with southern accents talking about shrimping, “ridin’ the tides”, etc. Signed off with Bubba telling Candyman “okay, 10-4” and Candyman responds “Put it on 3-26 real quick – that’s a real pretty girl on there right now!”

6840.6 khz CW – UTC 0106 – Shortwave beacon “BA” has been putting a strong signal into Michigan during the past few nights. In the example shown in this clip from the past weekend, “BA” is throwing down on presumed numbers station E10:

UPDATE November 3rd, 2010:

A nice e-QSL was sent to me today for this reception – many thanks to BA Beacon Man!

Beacon BA QSL November 1st, 2010

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