Faroe Islands heard in Michigan!

I’ve been hearing a faint carrier on 531 during the evening for the last few months but nothing ever reaching audio.  CIAO on 530 usually obliterates anything in this neighborhood anyway for me but I have heard Cuba here before.  Checked again tonight, not really expecting to hear anything other than the mystery carrier, and was surprised to hear some audio coming across from RNE 5 Spain on 531.  I had to tune up to 533 to avoid much of CIAO’s splatter.  About 5 minutes after tuning in, RNE 5 faded into soft pop music which had started to dominate.  Turns out the soft pop music was coming from the Faroe Islands – a tiny group of islands between Norway & Iceland.  No talk heard, but audio was clear enough and music distinct enough to easily parallel to the web stream.  The audio stream may be found here.

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