Jan-March 2017 Michigan BCB Logs

New stations heard in Western Michigan on the Perseus SDR from January through the end of March. All times/dates UTC, antenna used is noted in the log.

610 KCSR Chadron, NE. – 1159 UTC 3/3/2017 – With c/w song and OM “24 hours a day, we’re AM 610, K-C-S-R, Chadron” and into CBS News at TOH, on SW BOGs.

640 Radio Progresso, Cuba – 0110 UTC 2/1/2-17 – Clear and dominant during semi-au cx during WMFN absence, on South D-KAZ, // to 880.

640 WHLO – Akron, OH. – 2300 UTC 2/17/2017 – Very poor under dominant WOI with semi-local WMFN still missing, “640WHLO.COM” website mention, on South D-KAZ.

650 CISL Richmond, BC. – 1240 UTC 1/14/2017 – Presumed with Climax Blues Band’s song “I Love You” under dominant CKOM, song in parallel to CISL webstream, soon lost again to CKOM, on SW phased BOGs.

660 XEDTL México D.F. – 1214 UTC 2/12/2017 – With Radio Ciudadana IDs and Spanish inspirational music, decent at times over WSCR IBOC hash, parallel to webstream, on SW BOGs.

680 HJZO Sabanagrande, Atl., Colombia – 0201 UTC 2/1/2017 – Weak but dominant under WSCR IBOC hash with lively Latin music and ID given at 0201 UTC “Escuche Radio Nacional de Colombia..”, during au cx on the South D-KAZ.

680 KKYX San Antonio, TX. – 1056 UTC 2/16/2017 – A real struggle to hear under terrible WSCR IBOC hash with c/w music and call letter ID given at 1056 UTC, on the SW phased BOGs.

1000 Radio Artemisa, Cuba – 0049 UTC 2/11/2017 – Programming parallel to both 770 & 1020 but with carrier fluctuations causing a distinct wobble noise, on the South D-KAZ.

1050 WMNZ Montezuma, GA. – 0105 UTC 3/28/2017 – With ads for local roadside market, Montezuma Welding and Radiator Works, and others mixed with several call letter IDs, dominant during au cx, South D-KAZ.

1160 WYDU Red Springs, NC. – 0100 UTC 3/28/2017 – It took au cx to knock out WYLL here. WYDU heard with inspirational music and southern accented OM ID at TOH and into unfamiliar network news, during au cx, South D-KAZ.

1160 WWQT Tryon, NC. – 0101 UTC 3/28/2017 – As if WYDU wasn’t enough, in comes WWQT, another newie from NC a minute later! OM with “This is, The Life…W-W-Q-T, Tryon…”, very poor under WYDU during AU CX, South D-KAZ.

1240 WMMB Melbourne, FL. – 0000 UTC 3/28/2017 – Mostly alone with clear signal during TOH and into FOX News during au cx, South D-KAZ. 1088 mile GY DX!
Video of the reception: https://youtu.be/tnmF_2e3_VI

1270 WBOJ Columbus, GA. – 0059 UTC 3/28/2017 – Fair and mostly dominant with oldies and into the “Rock & Roll House Party show” (with U2 song), calls given with “Boomer 102.5” slogan and FM translator 102.5, au cx, South D-KAZ.

1320 WENN Birmingham, AL. – 0101 UTC 3/28/2017 – Oldies w/ multi call ID at TOH for WZZK & WENN and mention of FM 102.1, mixing with WMSR during au cx, South D-KAZ.

1330 WLBB Carrollton, GA. – 0100 UTC 3/28/2017 – Over/Under WBGW with TOH ID “This is AM Newstalk 13-30, W-L-B-B, Carrolton” during au cx, South D-KAZ.

1400 WJQS Jackson, MS. – 0000 UTC 3/28/2017 – Clear ID at TOH during au cx, South D-KAZ, 782 mile GY DX.

1450 KZZJ Rugby, ND. – 1245 UTC 2/28/2017 – Heard with local ad for First National Bank in Rugby, weak but on top briefly but soon giving way to WHRY, on the North D-KAZ.

1460 WBUC Buckhannon, WV. – 2300 UTC 2/1/2017 – Poor under dominant WBNS with spot for Dave Ramsey Show and into TOH ID with calls and city, during slight au cx, South D-KAZ.

1460 WXEM Buford, GA. – 0100 UTC 3/28/2017 – Poor with regional Mexican music and multi call ID at TOH, // to 1600 WAOS blaster with”La Mejor” slogans, during au cx, South D-KAZ.

1479.95 WABF Mobile(?), AL. – 0105 UTC 3/28/2017 – With oldies and IDing as WABF 1480, noticeably off-frequency during au cx, South D-KAZ.

1480 WDJO Cincinnati, OH. – 0333 UTC 1/6/2017 – Weak with oldies mx and OM ID with partial slogan “________ Oldies” and then clear call letters given and back into the music, South D-KAZ.

1480 KSDR Watertown, SD. – 1159 UTC 3/25/2017 – Weak in the mix with OM “You’re listening to K-S-D-R, Watertown, the home of Rush Limbaugh…”, North D-KAZ.

1540 WMYJ Martinsville, IN. – 2027 UTC 1/1/2017 – Very weak, just above threshold audio, with ad for Wayman’s Furniture & Appliances with Martinsville address, on the South D-KAZ while hunting for needed KTGG.

1540 KTGG Spring Arbor, MI. – 1759 UTC 2/4/2017 – After years of trying, one of my closest un-heards finally heard! Very weak
with multi-call letter ID at TOH including a clear mention of KTGG Okemos and into religious program, on South D-KAZ.

1550 KMRI West Valley City, UT. – 1106 UTC 3/25/2017 – Presumed on day rig with regional Mexican music matching online stream
and “La Raza” slogans, weak to fair in the mix, North D-KAZ.

1700 WPUA590 Trenton, MI. – 2300 UTC 2/17/2017 – With NOAA weather for Southwest lower Michigan region and finally a recorded YL ID mentioning calls and Grosse Ile Township emergency broadcast station, on South D-KAZ. Been chasing this one for a long time, ID’ed finally!

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