Odd dasher signal on 1640 khz

There’s an odd signal coming in here during the evenings audible on 1640 khz, a series of “dashes” at approximately 72 per second.  The signal is centered at 1639.7 khz and best heard on 1640 lower sideband when phasing out WKSH.  Since the signal fades in and out, I assume that it’s some distance away from me.  Here’s what it looks like on the waterfall display:











Here’s an audio clip tuned to 1640 khz AM mode:

1640 Khz UNID Dasher 17DE10 0045 UTC.mp3

The “dasher” first came to my attention the other night while receiving an UNID TIS station on 1640 relaying NOAA weather, though I have no idea if the two signals are related, but I thought it was interesting.  I wonder if anyone else is hearing this and where this is originating from?

2 thoughts on “Odd dasher signal on 1640 khz

  1. Hearing it right now at 0133 Dec 17 in Grand Ledge, Michigan. Coming in under WKSH (R.Disney) Sussex, WI

    1. Bill, thanks for confirming it – nice to know that I’m not going crazy 🙂

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