The 1923 Crosley ACE Model V antique radio

This ACE Model V has been sitting on the bookshelf for at least 20 years, neglected and worn.  This weekend I brought it back to life.  I have a few 1920’s battery sets in the radio collection but have never fired any of them up. I got the urge today. This early Crosley seemed like the easiest to get running. Wrong! After a struggle removing the chassis from the case to repair the open filament rheostat, I got it repaired for a test run tonight. Amazingly this thing fired right up and I’m “DXing” with it right now! I’m using a UV200 bright emitter and a pair of 9 volt batteries for B+.  I had an old pair of Brandes high impedance headphones that are probably as old as this radio that I put to use too.  It all resulted in several hours of entertainment.  Regen sets are just cool, especially one tubers from the 1920’s!  These stations were heard clearly tonight on the little ACE:

WTAM Cleveland

KMOX St. Louis

WRVA Richmond, VA.

WPHT Philadelphia

WXYT Detroit

CKDO Oshawa, ON.

WAKR Akron

CHHA Toronto

Now I just need to clean all the contacts and give the whole thing a good cleaning and get it back together and see what other stations it will pull in.

ACE Model V one tube regen
The front panel screws were stripped so their heads were ground off and drilled out so the chassis could be pulled from the case. Finally, it’s out. Now to tackle that rheostat…
The filament rheostat was open and had to be removed for repair. Luckily the rheostat winding can be removed separately from the knob and shaft assembly by removing two contact screws.
Here’s the removed winding. There are actually two coils here that meet in the center via a twisted connection.  It was at this spot where the circuit was “open”.  Removing the twisted connection, cleaning the wire, and re-twisting the wires restored continuity from one end to the other.
Here’s the rheostat with the wire coil removed.
Back together again but still out of the case. I need to find a suitable tube now. A UV200 bright emitter should work nicely and only require a pair of 9 volt batteries to supply the B+
Rheostat works, we have adjustable filament voltage!
Don’t you just love that glow?

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