The Big Q bids farewell

A much unexpected announcement was heard over the airwaves from 1710’s favorite oldies pirate, The Big Q, on April 14th:

It’s a sad loss for 1710 kHz and medium wave DXers across the country who were always eager to catch The Big Q.  It’s unclear right now if the April 14th broadcast was indeed the final show.  My thanks and congrats go out to the people behind The Big Q for always providing a very unique broadcast with a top notch signal and sound.  1710 will not be the same during those late nights.  73 my friend and best wishes for the future.

3 thoughts on “The Big Q bids farewell

  1. BDM

    Sad indeed. One of my favorite catches on N.A. only clear channel pirate frequency 1710. Hope they decide differently later this year.

    1. I’ll probably still keep a vigil on 1710 am during the weekends this season to see if any new residents take up occupancy there, but the Big Q will be missed for sure.

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