February 2016 Michigan D-KAZ logs

23 new stations added to the logbook in February! Here’s the rundown
with a few reception videos thrown in. All heard from West Michigan
using the Perseus SDR and reversible North/South D-KAZ antenna.
Times/dates are UTC, all logs are new except where noted. Total MW
stations now logged since Jan 2009: 1,845.


540 WDAK Columbus, GA. – 2/13/2016 1300 UTC – Briefly over a few
seconds of WKFN dead-air with legal TOH ID and slogan “Newsradio 5-40,
Columbus” and then lost again to WKFN, on South D-KAZ.

550 WDUN Gainesville, GA. – 2/13/2016 1300 UTC – With local ad leading
up to legal TOH ID and this slogan “North Georgia’s Newstalk”,
dominant and knocking out WKRC on South D-KAZ.

550 WSVA Harrisonburg, VA. – 2/13/2016 1200 UTC – Under dominant WKRC
& KTRS with legal TOH ID and mention of FM 92.1, poor copy, on South

740 WHMT Tullahoma, TN. – 2/21/2016 0302 UTC – With call letter ID and
city and then into CBS Sports Radio, au cx on South D-KAZ while mixing
with more dominants unid Grupo Formula (Mexico) and Radio Sandino
(Nicaragua), 740 #25.

860 WSON Henderson, KY. – 2/7/2016 1300 UTC – Tentative with poor copy
under WMRI and local 850 splash, rapid call letter ID and partial
calls for FM translator W243CU 96.5, on South D-KAZ.

880 WMDB Nashville, TN. – 2/7/2016 1300 UTC. – With Spanish talk under
WRFD and Spanish accented English legal calls and city given at TOH &
slogan “La Ranchera 880”, on South D-KAZ.

1000 WYBT Blountstown, FL. – 2/14/2016 0415 UTC – Daytimer with
Genesis song “Misunderstanding” and other oldies along with a call
letter ID heard fair under WMVP, on South D-KAZ.

1270 KFAN Rochester, MN – 2/28/2016 2300 UTC – With legal TOH ID and
into FOX Sports Radio, faint on North D-KAZ.

1340 WLDY Ladysmith, WI. – 2/28/2016 2300 UTC – With legal TOH ID,
poor in the GY mix, mention of NBC Sports, on North D-KAZ.

1370 WLJW Cadillac, MI. – 2/28/2016 2300 UTC – With religious program
and IDing as WLJN during station promo at TOH, under dominant WCCN, on
North D-KAZ.

1440 KKXL Grand Forks, ND. – 2/7/2016 0300 UTC – With State Farm ad
and into TOH OM ID with “The Fan for the Red River Valley is 14-40
AM”, K-K-X-L Grand Forks, on North D-KAZ.

1450 WHRY Hurley, WI. – 2/28/2016 2306 UTC – With oldies mx and
callsign ID along with slogan “The Oldies Station” given at 2306 UTC,
fair, on North D-KAZ.

1490 WSWW Charleston, WV. – 2/17/2016 0357 UTC – Presumed, promoting
or ID’ing as “AM 580 WCHS” as a Cincinnati Reds MLB affiliate and then
lost to the GY noise, during au cx on South D-KAZ.

1540 KEDA San Antonio, TX. – 2/17/2016 0431 UTC – With EE ID with
“Claro Communications” and “FM K272EK 102.3” mention and into Tejano
SS music, dominant during au cx, on South D-KAZ.

1570 WTLK Taylorsville, NC. – 2/17/2016 0400 UTC – TOH ID mentioning
Alexander County (NC) and surrounding counties, call letter ID and
into Southern gospel music under WTRB during au cx on South D-KAZ.

1570 KAKK Walker, MN. – 2/27/2016 0300 UTC – With partial ID
“…greatest hits…and the home of….K-A-K-K, Walker” and then lost
as quickly as it surfaced, on North D-KAZ.


1575 Radio Farda Al-Dhabbaya, United Arab Emirates – With Bryan Adam’s
song “Everything I do” and other music with weak but clear audio
parallel to Qatar remote SDR during a nice Middle Eastern opening, on
North D-KAZ, 7,144 miles.


580 WKAQ San Juan, PR. – 2/17/2016 0400 UTC – With multiple call
letter IDs, mentions of Facebook and Twitter, mention of San Juan,
mostly alone during au cx on South D-KAZ.

580 Radio Rebelde, Cuba – 2/17/2016 0301 UTC – Very weak under
graveyard-like rumble of stations during au cx, familiar and distinct
Radio Rebelde sound effects heard, nothing else discernible, on South

830 HIJB Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – 2/17/2016 0400 UTC – With
fair signal and clock ticking sound effect and into call letter ID in
Spanish “Ach-eh Ee Hota Beh” during au cx, on South D-KAZ, relog.

1030 LS10 Radio del Plata Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2/17/2016 0400 UTC
– Presumed with 5 distinct short time pips at TOH followed by a final
sixth longer pip that is very unique to Radio del Plata, during au cx
on South D-KAZ under WBZ.

1080 Radio Cadena, Cuba – 2/17/2016 0400 UTC – Dominant during au cx
with ID at TOH, South D-KAZ.

1100 HJAT Barranquilla, Colombia – 2/17/2016 0250 UTC – Parallel to
web and fair under WTAM with Santa Fe vs Cerro Porteño fútbol match,
ads and jingles thrown in between plays, au cx on South D-KAZ.

1550 Radio Rebelde, Cuba – 2/17/2016 0401 UTC – Weak and
unintelligible but with familiar sound effects unique to Radio Rebelde
during au cx on South D-KAZ.

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