January 2016 Michigan D-KAZ logs

New stuff heard in January from West Michigan using the North-South reversible D-KAZ & Perseus SDR. Not a bad start to the new year!


560 WMIK Middlesboro, KY. – 1200 UTC 1/23/2016 – Southern accented OM ID and city with Southern gospel music under WIND.

600 WBOB Jacksonville, FL. – 0508 UTC 10/1/2016 – With scheduled DX test on day power/pattern, fast and slow morse code IDs, sweep tones, call sign IDs, etc. Very strong at times.

810 WWOS St. George, SC. – 1200 UTC 1/23/2016 – Strong signal with religious choral music and YL announcement: “For Christ honoring music and programming for the entire family, this is WWOS FM 91.9 and WWOS AM 810 St. George…” and into USA Radio News at 1201 UTC.

980 WULR York, SC. – 0100 UTC 1/21/2016 – With multi call letter ID at TOH including 1070 WGOS High Point and 980 WULR with several “Cadena Radial Nueva Viva” slogans, over / under WAZY-SC during au cx.

980 WAZS Summerville, SC. – 0102 UTC 1/21/2016 – Heard mixing with WULR-SC with Spanish sounding rap or dance tune, ID came at 0102 UTC with multi call letters given for WAZS and 1480 WZJY during au cx.

990 WITZ Jasper, IN. – 1059 UTC 1/21/2016 – With Spanish accented English call letter ID given at TOH along with Jasper mention, very faint while mixing with an equally faint WGSO, during au cx.

1230 WHOP Hopkinsville, KY. – 0400 UTC 1/8/2016 – Poor with ID heard for // W237BV FM 95.3 and Hopkinsville mention.

1240 WHVN Charlotte, NC. – 0100 UTC 1/21/2016 – With faint multi call letter ID at TOH including one for WOLS-FM then into a religious program, during au cx.

1290 KUOA Siloam Springs, AR. – 0100 UTC 1/21/2016 – No calls heard but clear ad for Superior Ford in Siloam Springs, fair until lost to WHIO at TOH.

1340.050 WBIW Bedford, IN. – 1201 UTC 1/31/2016 – With clear ID popping up out of the GY noise with call letters and Bedford mention and soon lost again. Noticeably off-frequency measuring 1340.050

1380 WLRM Millington, TN. – 0102 UTC 1/21/2016 – With urban music, announcement with ID given at 0102 UTC: “….and the blues…W-L-R-M, Millington, Memphis. The all new 13-80, W-L-R-M”, during au cx.

1380 WAOK Athens, GA. – 2200 UTC 1/24/2016 – Very faint and way under dominant WHEW with OM giving call letters including those of WVEE, soon lost again.

1400 WINC Winchester, VA. – 0300 UTC 1/21/2016 – With ad string leading up to TOH with several call letter announcements mentioning Winchester, serving the area for 75 years, and then into FOX News, clear during ID and then lost to the GY noise during au cx.

1490 WKBV Richmond, IN. – 1259 UTC 1/13/2016 – With local weather forecast leading up to call letter ID read by the same announcer, dominant.

1520 WXYB Indian Rocks Beach, FL. – 0305 UTC 1/21/2015 – Faint but clear and mostly alone for a few minutes with Greek music parallel to a huge signal from 1500 WPSO during au cx.

1610 WNHC787 Mackinaw City, MI. – 0205 UTC 1/11/2016 – CHHA apparently off the air, or at least no sign of them here tonight. Instead, a brief fade-in of the Mackinac Bridge Authority TIS including mention of // 530 and calls given along with wind advisories.

Latin American:

620 XENK Guadalupe del Monte, Mexico – 0500 UTC 1/10/2016 – With rooster calls and “Radio Seis-Veinte” slogans and Spanish music and talk, calls given at 0600 TOH, over WTMJ at times.

1130 YVRL Macuto, Venezuela – 0100 UTC 1/21/2016- ID assisted by ReadDX with “Radio I-de-al” slogans during a radio station advertising ad including station telephone number and one mention of Macuto included, only lasting for 1-2 minutes and then lost to KWKH during au cx.

1170 XECD Puebla, Mexico – 0100 UTC 1/21/2016 – Faint while mixing with an UNID SS, with YL call sign given, “Double-U” mentions and partial “Oro” slogan, during au cx.

1280 WCMN Arecibo, Puerto Rico – 0100 UTC 1/21/2016 – With multi-call letter ID at TOH including WPRP & WORA and several “Noti Uno” jingles under a strong WANS (SC), au cx.


1296.008 Sudan – 0322 UTC 1/28/2016 – Fair signal with steady audio during Qu’ran recitations lasting for several minutes. Thanks to Bjarne Mjelde for confirming frequency offset and comparing program content to what he had recorded during the same time as my reception. Carrier still hanging on at 0410 UTC but audio long gone.

1530 VOA Pinheira/Ponta Praião, São Tomé – 0258 UTC 1/27/2016 – With clear sign-on announcement beginning at 0258 UTC and Yankee Doodle Dandy interval signal under WCKY while phasing the North D-KAZ against a 60 FT N/S BOG wire to reduce WCKY as much as possible. VOA news partially heard beginning at 0300 UTC under WCKY also.

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